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Viewing Issues in Invicti Standard

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Invicti Standard

Once you run a Scan, you can view all detected Issues in the Scan Summary Dashboard.

Issues are listed in various ways:

  • Issues panel
  • Sitemap panel

In the Issues panel, issues can be filtered, grouped, sorted and searched, using the icons at the top of the panel, depending on what you want to view. You can use the Group By dropdown to group the issues by Vulnerability Type, Severity, Confirmation or URL

For further information, see Issues and Issues Tab.

Issue Panel Icons

This table describes and explains the icons above the Issues panel.




Use the Filter icon () to filter issues by the following criteria:

  • Severity Critical, High, Medium, Low, Information, Best Practice, All
  • HTTP Method – ALL, GET, POST
  • Content Type: e.g., application/xml, application/json, text/html etc.

Group By

Use the Group By icon () to group issues by the following criteria:

  • Vulnerability Type (default)
  • Severity
  • Confirmation
  • URL
  • Fixed/Not Fixed

Sort By

Use the Sort By icon () to sort issues in alphabetical (or reverse alphabetical) order.

Previous Settings

Use the Previous Settings icon () to:

  • Save settings
  • Return settings to Default

How to View an Issue in Invicti Standard

  1. Navigate to the Scan Summary Dashboard (see Viewing the Scan Summary Dashboard in Invicti Standard).
  2. In the Issues panel, select the Issue you want to view. (Alternatively, you can click on any item in the Sitemap window.) The Issue is displayed in the Vulnerability tab in the Central Panel.

  1. You can use the tabs at the top of the Vulnerability Details window panel to see more information about the highlighted issue such as the URL, the name and type of the vulnerable parameter, remedial actions and more.

How to View an Issue in a Browser in Invicti Standard

Browser View allows you to view the present view of the web page, including its response to the attack payloads which Invicti sends.

  1. From the Scan Summary Dashboard (see Viewing the Scan Summary Dashboard in Invicti Standard), in the Issues panel, select the Issue you want to view.
  2. Above the Central Panel, click Browser View to display the item in the Internet Explorer-based preview window. Note that all CSS and client-side scripts are disabled in the browser view for security reasons.

  1. Alternatively, navigate to the Link tab, and from the Open in Browser section, click one of your installed browsers to see how the reported issue appears in a live browser.

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