Continuous Integration Systems

Accessing Continuous Integration Details in the Scan Report

This document is for:
Invicti Enterprise On-Demand, Invicti Enterprise On-Premises

You can access CI details in the scan’s Report window.

For further information, see Integrating Invicti Into Your Existing SDLC.

How to view Continuous Integration Details in the scan report

  1. From the main menu, select Scans > Recent Scans.
  2. For the relevant completed scan, select Report.
  1. Scroll down to the Technical Report section.
  1. From the Scan Summary tab, in the Continuous Integration Details section, you can view build information.
  2. In the Build ID field, click the Build ID. The TeamCity application opens at the Build Log tab.
  3. Click Commit/Changeset. The TeamCity application opens at the Changes tab.
  4. Click the Netsparker Scan Result tab to view the scan result. If the scan is queued or ongoing, the following message is displayed: ‘The scan report is not available yet because the scan is not finished. Please try again later.’

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