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Generating ModSecurity WAF Rules from Invicti Standard

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Invicti Standard

If you can't immediately fix all vulnerabilities that Invicti has detected, you can cover them up and defer fixing them until another time. You do this by exporting Invicti’s findings as rules for ModSecurity WAF.

It is possible to either export the information about a single vulnerability as a ModSecurity rule or export information about all the vulnerabilities identified during the scan.

After you import the rules, the ModSecurity web application firewall (WAF) will then block any requests made by malicious hackers.

For further information, see Web Application Firewalls.

ModSecurity WAF Fields

This table lists and describes the ModSecurity WAF fields in the Web Application Firewall tab.

Fields Description
Add Click to add an integration.
Delete Click to delete the integration and clear all fields
Test Settings Click to confirm that Invicti Standard can connect to the configured system.
Action This section contains general fields about the Send To Action.
Display Name This is the name of the configuration that will be shown on menus.

Types of ModSecurity Rules Invicti Scanners Export

The export can include three types of ModSecurity rules:

  1. Denial of access to a URL with a vulnerable parameter
  2. Denial of access to a URL that can be attacked with a payload
  3. Denial of access to an exact URL

Invicti scanners will automatically choose the type of rule depending on the vulnerability, so you do not have to configure anything.

Types of Vulnerabilities Invicti Scanners Export as ModSecurity Rules

Not all vulnerabilities can be covered up by blocking access to a specific URL with a web application firewall, therefore not all vulnerabilities can be exported as ModSecurity rules. For example, security flaws related to HTTP Cookies, sensitive comments in source code, application source code disclosure and other similar vulnerabilities will not be exported.

How to Configure ModSecurity WAF Rules in Invicti Standard

  1. Open Invicti Standard.
  2. From the Home tab on the ribbon, click Options. The Options dialog is displayed.
  3. Click Web Application Firewall.
  4. From the Add dropdown, select ModSecurity.

  1. Click OK.

How to Export Invicti Standard Scan Results as ModSecurity WAF Rules

As written above, rules can be exported in two ways from Invicti Standard:

  • All Vulnerabilities
  • Single Vulnerability

If you want to export the rule for All Vulnerabilities:

  1. Navigate to the Reporting ribbon tab menu and click ModSecurity WAF Rules.

ModSecurity WAF Rules Export Shortcut Image

  1. In the File name field, enter a name and click Save. The Export Report dialog is displayed with the Path (generated from the location and filename from the previous step) already displayed.
  2. From the Policy dropdown, select an option.

ModSecurity WAF Rules Export Image

  1. The Open Generated Report checkbox is already selected (which opens the report on completion). Deselect this option if required.
  2. Click Save. The ModSecurity WAF Rules Report opens in your default text editor (this example shows Notepad).

If you want to export the rule for a Single Vulnerability:

  1. Navigate to the Issues pane and select a single vulnerability (in this example, Cross-site Scripting).

  1. From the Vulnerability tab, click ModSecurity WAF Rules. The Save Report As dialog is displayed.

  1. In the File name field, enter a name (here ModSecurity WAF Rule – Cross-site Scripting is used), and click Save.

  1. The exported rule file can be opened in any text editor as shown.

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