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Invicti Licensing

This document is for:
Invicti Standard, Invicti Enterprise On-Premises, Invicti Enterprise On-Demand

There are three licenses, giving you access to one or both editions:

  • Standard License: Invicti Standard
  • Team License: Invicti Standard and Invicti Enterprise (On-Demand)
  • Enterprise: Invicti Standard and Invicti Enterprise (Hosted or On-Premises)

This topic explains how to get and manage Invicti licenses.

  • Every Invicti license is allocated a quota of websites that can be scanned.
  • Multiple licenses are available.
  • Invicti synchronizes the License Store with the License Servers every day. So, if there is an update on the license, you can simply deactivate and reactivate the license to get the updates or wait until the next day for the changes to take place.

Trial Evaluations

  • The Trial Evaluation period is 2 weeks. You can scan 5 target URLs at most.
  • If you add purchased licenses to your License Store, your Trial Evaluation will disappear.

How to Get a Trial Evaluation

  1. Go to
Get Demo Enter Your Email Screen
  1. Enter your work email and select Next
Get Demo - Enter your name, last name, and phone number screen
  1. Enter your first name, last name, and company and select Next.
Get Demo Company Info and number of website selection screen
  1. Now, enter your phone number and select how many websites you want to scan from the drop-down. Next, select Get a Demo
  2. Now, select a convenient time for you on the calendar.
Pick a time to talk with sales executive
  1. Select Schedule Event to confirm your appointment.

Please note that your information is kept private. For further information, see our Privacy Policy.

Activating Your Invicti Licenses

This section explains how to get and activate Invicti Licenses.

How to Get and Activate an Invicti License

  1. Contact us at
  2. Our Sales team will help you with the purchase.
  3. For Invicti Enterprise, register your new account using the Invitation link you were emailed. You can then set up individual users (see How to Add a Team Member).
  4. For Invicti Standard, install it using the link you were emailed (see Installing Invicti Standard). This email also includes the License Key to activate the license.
  5. For online activation, allowlist

If you need additional licenses, contact Sales.

Managing Your Invicti Licenses

This section explains how to manage Invicti licenses, including how to deactivate an active license and reactivate a deactivated one.

Subscriptions Fields

This table lists and explains the fields in the Subscriptions dialog.

Field Description
License key This is the unique identifier of this license.
Total websites This is the total number of websites that can be added to Invicti via this license.
Allocated websites This is the number of websites that have been added to Invicti.
Status This indicates whether the license can be used or not. The setting is either Active or Inactive.
Issue date This is the date the license was issued.
Expiration date This is the date the license will expire.

How to Manage Licenses in Invicti Enterprise

From the [Your Name] (top right) drop-down, select License. The Account License window is displayed, showing the Start and End Date and Website Limit.

How to Manage Licenses in Invicti Standard

From the Help tab on the ribbon, select Subscriptions. The Subscriptions dialog is displayed, listing all purchased licenses. The Status of each license is displayed.

How to Activate a License in Invicti Standard

  1. With the Subscriptions dialog open, select Add New License. The Activation dialog is displayed. Alternatively, select the relevant license, and select Activate. The License Required dialog is displayed.
  2. Enter the License Key you were issued by Invicti and select Activate. The license can now be used. A brief success message is shown if the activation succeeds.

How to Activate a Licence in Invicti Standard Using Invicti Enterprise Information

  1. With the Subscriptions dialog open, select Add New License. The Activation dialog is displayed. Alternatively, select the relevant license, and select Activate. The License Required dialog is displayed.
  1. Select Sign In with Enterprise Account. The Invicti Enterprise Information dialog is displayed. (See Enterprise Integration for information on how to complete the fields.)
  1. Multiple licenses may be displayed. Select the one you want to activate, and select Activate Selected License.

How to Deactivate an Invicti License in Invicti Standard

With the Subscriptions dialog open, select the relevant license, and select Deactivate. A brief success message is displayed if the deactivation succeeds.

Website Allocation

Websites are automatically added to your license(s) before starting scans.

If you deactivate a license, you will be prompted to reallocate websites to licenses if there is space left on the remaining licenses.

How to Allocate Websites to Licenses

When you try to start a scan, you will be prompted with the Website Checker dialog which will check the accessibility of the websites you want to scan. After you have decided which hosts to be allocated, the selected hosts will be allocated on your available licenses. If you don’t have enough website allocation slots available on your licenses, the allocation process will fail. After you have allocated a website to a license, when you try to scan that website, you won’t be prompted with the allocation dialog again.

Expiring Licenses

There are three stages to expiry:


When there are 45 days remaining on your Invicti Standard license, this message will be displayed every time you open the application. The numbers of days left until the license is due for renewal will be displayed.

The number of days left is also displayed on the ribbon.


When there are 0 days remaining on your Invicti Standard license, this message, stating that your license has expired and Invicti will be locked, will be displayed every time you open the application and every time you start a scan. The number of days left until you lose access to Invicti will be displayed.


Once you have reached the Expiry stage, you no longer have access to Invicti Standard. If you try to open Invicti Standard, the Activate New License will be displayed.


  • License Keys must be activated before Invicti Standard can be launched.
  • For Invicti Standard, it is not possible to copy a license from one PC to another. If you want to do this, you must deactivate the license first. Then you can activate the license on your new PC from your License Store. If you have run out of licenses completely, contact to purchase more.
  • It is possible to have a license remotely deactivated.

Further Information

For further information, see Invicti Licensing FAQs, Invicti Editions, and Licensing Settings.

Moving and Backing Up Invicti Standard Settings

When moving Invicti Standard web application security scanner from one computer to another, you need to move both the license key and the settings.

This section refers to versions prior to Invicti Standard 5.0.

How to Move or Back Up Invicti Standard Settings

  1. First, locate the scanner’s settings, which are stored in a directory called ‘Invicti’, located in your user profile’s Documents directory: C:\Users\[user]\Documents\Invicti
  2. This directory contains several subdirectories, for example:
    • The Policies subdirectory is where Scan Policies are stored
    • The Profiles subdirectory is where Scan Profiles are stored
    • The Scans subdirectory is where Scans are stored
  3. To backup or move the settings of your Invicti Standard simply copy the Invicti directory to your backup drive, or move it to the new computer where you have the new installation of Invicti Standard.

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