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3,600+ customers

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800k+ web apps secured

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300,000+ unique severe vulnerabilities found

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Propelling the world forward
by securing every web application

2 billion + web apps; 96% have at least one vulnerability. Untested applications in development and production are insecure and a threat.

We deliver the most accurate and efficient DAST solution for DevOps/DevSecOps teams to discover and secure all the applications that run their organizations.

You’ll always know the truth

That means accurate reports, proof-based results, and reliable support from a team that wants you to succeed.

See the complete picture of your app security

You’ll always have the best AppSec technology

We know there’s always a better way. We constantly improve our products to make your job easier — not just for today, but for tomorrow.

You’ll bring Dev, Sec, and Ops together

Security shouldn’t be an obstacle to innovation — it should be a main ingredient. Invicti is designed to help teams embrace security as a key feature of everything they create.

Bring Together

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Gartner high performer fall 2022
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Gartner highest user adoption fall 2022
Cyber Security Excellence Awards Winner 2023 Gold
Cyber Security Excellence Awards Winner 2023 Silver
Network Computing Awards Finalist 2023

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Meet the Invicti leadership team.

Ferruh Mavituna
Founder & Strategic Advisor Read bio >
Michael George
Michael George
CEO Read bio >
Kellie Vugrincic
Chief People Officer Read bio >
Mike Mattos
Chief Customer Officer Read bio >
John Mandel
Chief Engineering Officer Read bio >
Frank Catucci
Frank Catucci
CTO and Head of Security Research Read bio >
Karl Gonzi
Karl Gonzi
General Manager, Malta Read bio >
Soykan Gulcan
Soykan Gulcan
Country Manager & VP of Engineering Read bio >

Meet our Board of Directors

Gerhard Watzinger
Gerhard Watzinger
Chairman of the Board Read bio >
Michael George
Michael George
CEO Read bio >
Scott Collins
Scott Collins
Managing Director and COO, Summit Partners Read bio >
Sophia Popova
Sophia Popova
Principal, Summit Partners Read bio >
Dominic Ang
Dominic Ang
Managing Partner, Turn/River Capital Read bio >
Joanne Yuan
Joanne Yuan
Partner, Turn/River Capital Read bio >

Making headlines. Changing the game.

Making headlines. Changing the game.

Invicti Security Names Jeff Bray Chief Financial Officer
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Dev-Sec convergence: New research details progress and challenges on the road to secure innovation
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Invicti Security announces $625 million growth investment led by Summit Partners
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Trusted by 3,600+ organizations

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Our history


The beginning

Back when the world had only 50M websites, we built our first application security testing solution to help organizations meet the emerging web application security threat.


Solving the false positive problem

Invicti became the first application security testing solution with Proof-Based Scanning: technology that automatically verifies vulnerabilities to save teams hours of manual verification.


The rise of web apps

In just one year, the number of websites in the world doubled from 350M to 700M, making application security all the more critical.


Hello, HTML5

After 8 years, W3C completed the HTML5 standard, starting the era of mobile and cloud internet applications.


Invicti goes enterprise

Invicti became the first truly scalable enterprise DAST solution to manage the security of thousands of websites, applications, and APIs.


150 enterprise customers

The 150th enterprise joins Invicti to scale its application security.


500 enterprise customers

Invicti grew fast, adding 350 more enterprise customers in less than 3 years, and showing that scalable application security is possible.


Invicti adds IAST

Invicti adds IAST, bringing an inside-out view alongside DAST’s outside-in scanning.

2022 & Beyond

More AppSec tools in one place

What was once a DAST scanner has evolved into an AppSec platform. Now organizations can get the benefits of DAST, IAST, and SCA in one place — with more tools to come.

Our mission is global and so is our team

Our mission is global and so is our team. Join us!

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