Introduction to Team Management

Overview of team management in Invicti Enterprise

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Invicti Enterprise On-Demand, Invicti Enterprise On-Premises

With Invicti Enterprise, you can manage your team better thanks to granular permissions and role-based access control. You can create as many teams as you need in Invicti Enterprise and assign fine-grained roles to teams and team members to match the way you work.

Invicti Enterprise's team management capabilities provide maximum flexibility for access management:

  • You can group members in any way you want and assign roles built from granular permissions.
  • Members of a team inherit its permissions, in addition to any direct permissions assigned per member.
  • Each member can belong to multiple teams.
  • You can create custom roles from over 80 detailed permissions and assign them to members and teams.
  • You can edit and delete roles and teams at any time.

More effective management and improved coordination

Effective management in the face of ever-increasing workloads requires good coordination and orchestration. The team management in Invicti Enterprise lets you create as many teams and roles as you need. So, each team knows its exact scope of responsibilities and can perform better.

For example, you can:

  • Define a dedicated team responsible for running and scheduling vulnerability scans and a separate team tasked with fixing vulnerabilities. When defining team or member roles, you can select any combination of over 80 permissions for maximum flexibility.
  • Edit teams and roles at any time in response to new projects, policies, and business priorities. The scheme ensures full transparency, so you always know exactly which teams and members have which permissions.

Making security everyone’s business

The teams and permissions system in Invicti Enterprise makes it easy to involve a variety of stakeholders in the vulnerability management process. You can set up custom teams and granular roles that precisely match the responsibilities and permissions you need.

  • For example, you can define separate roles for security engineers, scan administrators, developers, team managers, and executives to enable self-service reporting and progress monitoring.

Seamless provisioning and handovers

Invicti Enterprise makes it easy to define and manage teams and team permissions so a new employee can automatically get the right permissions without manual intervention by an administrator.

  • Because a new member inherits team permissions, simply adding the user as a team member automatically assigns them the right starting roles. You can then add any individual permissions as necessary.
  • With granular permissions, members can clearly see exactly what tasks they are allowed to perform. It is also much easier to follow the principle of minimum necessary privileges for improved security.

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