Technologies dashboard

This document is for:
Invicti Enterprise On-Demand, Invicti Enterprise On-Premises

The Technologies feature in Invicti Enterprise finds and lists the technologies used in web applications.

  • It tracks and reports on problems, such as whether any of the technologies are out-of-date or whether a specific version has any issues.
  • Then it presents these technologies as a report and sends an instant notification to the responsible person.

Identified Technologies is available only in Invicti Enterprise and is enabled by default. When disabled, Invicti Enterprise still retains information on technologies discovered but does not notify users.

Active Technologies

Invicti Enterprise keeps a history of the technologies discovered during the Scan. In this way, Invicti Enterprise can keep a track of whether the technologies are no longer used.

  • If a technology has been detected and it is currently being used by the scanned web application, it is marked as ‘In use‘. It is reported and (if configured) a notification is sent.
  • If Invicti Enterprise records that technology is present, but not being used anymore, it marks the technology as ‘Not in use‘. In this case, this technology is not reported and no notification is sent.
  • A technology is considered ‘out-of-date‘ if it does not have the latest version of the branch to which it belongs, or if the branch’s development has stopped.

Fixed Technologies

Invicti Enterprise detects when technology with issues or an out-of-date version has been fixed, and calculates the fix time for that technology. If comparable scans have the same scan settings, Invicti Enterprise draws the conclusion that a problem with the technology exists in a previous scan and not in a new scan, and assumes that the problem in that the technology has been fixed.

Technologies dashboard

The technologies dashboard displays charts that provide an overall, cumulative picture of the types, and numbers of technologies detected in scanned web applications.

Area Description
Technologies This is the number of detected technologies, including out of date ones, and issues.
Active Issues This is the number of active issues, including high and medium ones.
Fixed Issues This is the number of fixed issues.
Most Identified Technologies This provides details of the versions of the most common identified technologies.
Severity Trend This chart displays the increase or decrease of each Vulnerability Severity Level over time.
Security Overview This doughnut chart shows the security level of the Targets scanned by Invicti Enterprise.
Issues This clustered column chart shows the number of Issues found, grouped by Vulnerability Severity Level. Move the mouse on each column to get more information on the specific vulnerability.

For further information, see Viewing Issues in Invicti Enterprise).

Website Groups drop-down At the top right of the window, there is a drop-down. Click to view the security status of all your websites or certain groups only.

The options are:

  • All Websites
  • Default
  • Your Website Groups

For further information, see Website Groups in Invicti Enterprise.

Out-of-date Technologies This section displays the Name, Identified Version, Issues and Usage (how many websites) of each item.
Issue Fix Time This displays the estimated fix time for that technology.

How to view the Technologies Dashboard

    1. Log in to Invicti Enterprise
    2. From the main menu, select Technologies > Dashboard.

In the Most Identified Technologies section, select categories to view details.

To view details of technology stacks used in your web application, see Recent Technologies.

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