Configuring Notifications in Invicti Enterprise

Managing Notification Priorities

This document is for:
Invicti Enterprise On-Demand, Invicti Enterprise On-Premises

Notification priorities can be changed by editing their scope in the Manage Priorities window. Please note that if you have lots of websites, to help remove confusion, you may receive grouped scope notifications.

If you have lots of websites, to help remove confusion, you may receive grouped scope notifications.

Invicti Enterprise notifications are grouped by their Event type and then they are prioritized by Scope (what they relate to).

Also, the latest added notification gets the highest priority. The scope priority is as follows:

  1. Single Website
  2. Website Group
  3. Any Website

This means that when a new scan is started, Invicti Enterprise checks all the notifications for the New Scan event in the order mentioned earlier. So if for example a website is listed in a New Scan single website scope and a New Scan website group scope notification, once the new scan starts, the single website scope notification is triggered first and the website group scope notification is ignored. Refer to the chart below for a graphical explanation of the scope’s priorities.

For further information, see Managing Notifications.

How to Change the Priority of a Notification

  1. From the main menu, select Notifications Manage Priorities
  1. From the Event drop-down, select the Event for which you want to add a notification. A notification can be sent when any of the below events happen:
    • New Scan
    • Out-of-date Technology
    • Scan Cancelled
    • Scan Failed
    • Scan Completed
    • Scheduled Scan Launch Failed
  2. You can also filter the results. From the Website or Website Group dropdown, start typing, then select the default or the name of a website or a website group.
  1. In this example, you can see all the notifications that are triggered during the New Scan event. Drag and drop any of the notifications to change their priority.

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