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Discover how Invicti’s best-in-DAST web application security solutions help world-renowned companies keep their websites and web applications secure by automatically identifying vulnerabilities and integrating security into development to speed remediation.

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“With a security champions program running and Invicti solutions in place for the last 4+ years, we have a very solid partnership between IT and security. The work of communicating security objectives …

Mike Craigue, Senior Director of AppSec and IAM, LKQ Corp

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“Start integrating Invicti into your process and you’ll be surprised at how much time it saves you and how much ‘auto magic’ it brings to your entire development pipeline …

Ken Schirrmacher, CTO and Senior Director of IT, Park ‘N Fly, Inc.

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“We can fire up Invicti, run the tests as often as we like, and mitigate to our hearts’ content. The budget we were spending every year on penetration testing decreased by approximately 60% almost immediately …

Brian Brackenborough, Chief Information Security Officer, Channel 4

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“My interactions with Invicti have been incredibly positive. I know a great company when I see one. I would recommend working with this company to anybody, and the quality of the product …

Michael Thompson, Information Security Manager, Zen Internet

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“Before using Invicti we had to scan applications manually, consuming time and resources that could be better used elsewhere. Thanks to the capabilities and ease of use of …

Oriol Cardus, Senior Security Analyst at Fluidra

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“Our goal is to provide an environment where our products are safe-by-design. That means having our DevSecOps team focus on a shift-left approach where …

Dragan Ilievski, Principal DevSecOps Engineer, Allocate Software

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Gasnetz frees up their security team’s resources through automation with Invicti

“With a high number of critical web applications, not all can be checked manually. This is where Invicti comes in, automating security checks …

Erik Krupke, IT Systems Engineer, Gasnetz Hamburg GmbH

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LeoVegas integrates Invicti into CI/CD for faster scanning and more efficient development

“With Invicti, we have the ability to automate and integrate it with CI/CD and also the option to optimize a scan, resulting in a more efficie…

Geoffrey Spiteri, Senior Group Security Engineer, LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group

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MullenLowe Profero brings application security testing in-house for faster and more accurate scans

“Invicti is the perfect fit for us. We are able to manage everything via a cloud environment and we can set up as many tests as we want, whene…

Alessandro Grena, CEO, MullenLowe Profero China

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South Dakota Bureau of Information and Telecommunications

“One of the features we find most beneficial is the reporting side. The reports are very clean and meaningful to our development team.”

Miguel Penaranda, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, SD BIT

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CryptoNet Labs

“Invicti is the best web application scanner we know of: It’s affordably priced as a tier two scanner, but it is as accurate as a tier one s…

Paolo Da Ros, CryptoNet, Italy

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“Invicti continually executes scans in a more optimized way and delivers actionable results every time. The false-positive free scanning, me…

Jim Broome, President, DirectDefense

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“I have a hard time finding any negative aspects to Invicti Enterprise. It is hands down a great tool — all you could wish for from an autom…

Klemen Stirn, The Project-Lead, Developer and Support Team for HESK

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ING Bank

“As opposed to other web application scanners we used, Invicti is very easy to use and does not require a lot of configuring. An out of the…

Perry Mertens, Audit Supervisor, ING Insurance EURAsia IT Audit Team

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“As we are faced with perpetual evolving security threats and vulnerabilities, Invicti brings a level of assurance to our business as it is…

Chris Evans, Security and Compliance Manager, ISACA

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“Invicti is a fantastic tool and is very light to use. Security Reports are easy to comprehend and helped programmers close web application…

Sujit Christy, Director, Layers-7 Seguro Consultoria Pvt Ltd

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“Not only is Invicti superb in web vulnerability detection, but also in advanced exploitation. It has taken our penetration testing assessme…

Malik Mesellem, CEO of MME BVBA and Founder of bWAPP

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Morneau Shepell

When you have to scan hundreds of web applications and identify exploitable vulnerabilities on all of them, Invicti is THE essential easy-to…

Mihai Petre, Security Analyst at Morneau Shepell.

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Network Intelligence

“About 4 years ago, my team brought Invicti to my attention and we took it for a spin during a real live penetration test. It did outperform…

K. K. Mookhey, Network Intelligence’s Founder & Director

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New Tribes Mission (NTM)

“As a non-profit, we struggle to find and retain web application security specialists within our budget. Invicti Web Application Security Sc…

New Tribes Mission

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Oakland University

“Since the university’s web applications are frequently changing to adapt to the students’ and university’s needs and because malicious attack…

Dan Fryer, Oakland University

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“We are now more confident in our code thanks to scanning it with Invicti Enterprise. Knowing that we can deploy a test site and have it scann…

James Allsup, OpenCart Project Technical Consultant

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RPM Software

“Invicti are not just another vendor from where we purchase any other software, they are like business partners. We have to trust their prod…

Jade Ohlhauser, CTO, RPM Software

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“Like everyone else we evaluated Invicti along with a number of other commercial scanners, though we immediately noticed that Invicti was…


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Sumeru Solutions

“We like Invicti not only because it is able to be configured quickly, but also the scans themselves are completed quickly, reliably and wit…

Sumeru’s Lead Penetration Tester

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“Invicti not only has better coverage and web vulnerability detection than other scanners, it is also very easy to use and allows us to auto…

Darren Manners, SyCom

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“The decision to use Invicti for website and web application vulnerability scanning was due to the large library of scan settings available…

Steve Charlton, T4G’s Quality Assurance Specialist

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“Invicti is the best Web Application Security Scanner in terms of price-benefit balance. It is a very stable software, faster than the previ…

Harald Nandke, Principal Consultant, Unify

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Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

“Invicti has meant deployment of new and updated code can be put into production more easily and with greater confidence as to its robustnes…

Dr Paul Bevan Head of Core Software Services at Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

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Indonesian Financial Services Company

“We needed a solution for assessing application security, especially customer-facing web applications. For this reason we needed a more robus…

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European Utilities Company

“As a web application vulnerability scanner platform, Invicti allows us to evaluate the security level of our websites to ensure deeper covera…

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