Invicti is a complete web application security solution that integrates with your issue trackers, vulnerability management systems, and CI/CD platforms. This allows you to fully incorporate web app security into your software development life cycle (SDLC).


How Invicti Works

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Issue Tracking Systems

Azure Boards
Azure Boards helps teams manage their projects quickly and easily.
Bitbucket is a web-based code management hosting service that provides collaboration for teams.
Bugzilla is an open-source, web-based bug tracking and testing tool for managing software defects.
FogBugz is a web-based project management system with built in bug and issue tracking features.
DefectDojo is a vulnerability management tool that streamlines the application security testing process.
Freshservice is an intuitive cloud-based IT help-desk incident and service management system.
GitHub is a web-based hosting service for code version control with an extra issue tracking feature.
GitLab is an advanced issue tracking tool for planning work and solving problems collaboratively.
Jazz Team Server
Jazz Team Server is an issue-tracking system to maintain transparency for the development team.
Jira is an issue tracking software app with agile project management and bug tracking features.
Kafka provides a unified, high-throughput, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds.
Kenna is a real-time issue tracking system that specializes in risk-based vulnerability management.
PagerDuty is a digital operations management platform that alerts clients to disruption and outages.
Pivotal Tracker
Pivotal Tracker is an issue tracking tool to help software development teams in managing projects.
Redmine is an issue tracking system that is part of a flexible project management web application.
ServiceNow Incident Management
ServiceNow is an issue tracking system that helps organisations to manage issues across departments.
Shortcut is a project management platform specifically designed for software development.
Splunk is a Security Information and Event Management software that reads and stores data.
TFS (Team Foundation Server) is a Microsoft product that covers the entire application lifecycle.
Unfuddle is full-stack software project management software with built in issue tracking tools.
YouTrack is a customizable project management tool that helps you plan and track software workflows.

Project Management

Asana is a work management platform designed to help teams organize, track and manage work.
Trello is a web-based, list-making application for collaboration and project organization.

Continuous Integration Systems

Azure Pipelines
Azure DevOps is a web-based DevOps manager that provides Azure Pipelines CI/CD pipeline features.
Bamboo is an automation server that enables software developers to build automation into projects.
Circle CI
CircleCI is a continuous integration and delivery system used to build multi-platform applications.
GitHub Actions
GitHub Actions lets you automate tasks within your software development life cycle.
GitLab CI/CD
GitLab is a web-based repository manager that helps configure source control repositories.
Jenkins is an automation server that supplies plugins that build automation into projects.
TeamCity is a build management and CI server that helps run automated tests before production.
Travis CI
Travis CI is a hosted continuous integration service and used to test and deploy software projects hosted on GitHub.
UrbanCode Deploy automates application developments through your environments.


Mattermost is an open-source, flexible, messaging platform that enables secure team collaboration.
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is a communication platform that integrates with Office 365 and other products.
Slack is a team messaging system that enables enterprise teams to communicate via channels.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Amazon Web Services is a WAF that enables users to monitor, allow and block HTTP and HTTPS requests.
Cloudflare is a WAF that examines HTTP requests to websites and applies rules to protect web apps.
BIG-IP ASM is a WAF that protects your applications from network attacks including OWASP Top 10.
Fortiweb is a WAF that protects public cloud hosted web applications from threats and attacks.
Imperva SecureSphere
Imperva SecureSphere is cyber security WAF software that protects websites from attacks using custom policies.
ModSecurity (ModSec) is an open-source WAF that is based on the OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Providers

Azure Active Directory
Azure AD is a platform that manages identities with secure SSO and multi-factor authentication.
Google Single sign-on provides one-click access to pre-integrated apps in the cloud and on-premises.
Microsoft ADFS
ADFS provides users with single sign-on access by sharing digital identity and entitlement rights.
Okta is an access management platform that secures critical resources by identity controls.
PingFederate is an enterprise federation server that enables user authentication and single sign-on.
PingIdentity is a platform that provides federated identity management and intelligent app access.
SAML is a security language for exchanging authentication and authorization data between providers.

System for Cross-domain Identity Management

Azure Active Directory
Azure AD is a universal platform designed to protect and manage access to identities.
Okta is an identity and access management platform that helps you manage and secure user authentication.

Secrets and Encryption Management

CyberArk Vault
CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault is a privileged access management system that helps you centrally manage privileged account identities in a single location.
HashiCorp Vault
HashiCorp Vault is a secret management system that provides access to secrets, such as password and API keys, in a secure way.
Azure Key Vault
Azure Key Vault
Azure Key Vault is a service to store and access secrets. It encrypts keys and small secrets like passwords.

Vulnerability Management

ServiceNow Vulnerability Response
ServiceNow Vulnerability Response helps you in tracking, prioritizing, and resolving vulnerabilities.
ServiceNow Application Vulnerability Response
ServiceNow Application Vulnerability Response helps you with tracking, prioritizing, and resolving vulnerabilities.


Invicti API
Invicti Team and Enterprise has a full-featured REST API which allows for easy integration.
Webhooks provide a way to integrate an issue tracking system that does not have its own integration.
Zapier is a web-based service that allows users to integrate web apps and automate workflows.

With Invicti Enterprise, you can use API Endpoints to view Issues information in list format. This enables you to integrate the Issues information detected by Invicti with other applications or internal systems.

Save your security team hundreds of hours with Invicti’s web security scanner.