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Enterprise Web Application Security as a Service

Web applications touch nearly every aspect of daily life. Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) play a critical role in securing all sides of their clients’ attack surface. As organizations grow and shift resources around, MSSPs have to adapt with a scalable, flexible, and automated approach to follow suit – that’s where we come in.

Enterprise Web Application Security as a Service


Average number of security breaches in 2019


Increase in security breaches since last year


Increase in security breaches in the last five years


Revenue organizations could lose due to breaches in the next five years

Scaling AppSec to support small security teams

Most businesses don’t have the luxury of a large security team to stomp out any vulnerability that pops up, so oftentimes they have to sacrifice their applications’ security to boost other aspects of their overall security strategy. Luckily, they can find refuge in an MSSP to ease their worries and bring enterprise-grade security to their team.

AppSec as a Service, At Scale

As an MSSP, scaling your business to support customers without being held back by rigid licenses and low margins is critical to your success. In order to experience profitable growth, you need tools that offer the ability to grow your managed security offering in a cost-effective way as you expand your customer base.

AppSec as a Service, At Scale
Uncapped Scanning Capacity for Uncapped Application Security

Uncapped Scanning Capacity for Uncapped Application Security

MSSPs struggle to find mature, multi-tenant tools with robust access controls that allow their own teams to operate, all while giving clients the visibility they deserve. That’s what we’re here for – Invicti MSSP – The multi-tenant platform with role-based access control built on the industry’s most battle-tested SMB DAST scanner, Acunetix.

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