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Comparing Editions

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Invicti Standard, Invicti Enterprise On-Premises, Invicti Enterprise On-Demand

There are two editions of Invicti web application security scanner:

  • Invicti Enterprise is a multi-user enterprise and scalable solution, available either On-Demand or as an On-Premises solution.
  • Invicti Standard is a single user Windows application.

Both editions of Invicti use the same Proof-Based ScanningTM technology to provide highly accurate scan results. Also, both are easy to use, and fully integrate with each other and support integration with many other tools.

Invicti Enterprise

Invicti Enterprise is a multi-user online web application security scanning solution with built-in workflow tools. It is specifically designed to help enterprises scan and manage the security of hundreds and even thousands of websites in a few hours, with no need to install any new hardware or software.

Invicti Enterprise is used to integrate into the Software Development Lifecycle, DevOps, and live environments to scan thousands of web applications and web services as they are being developed or run in live environments. It is also available as an On-Premises edition. 

Comparison between Invicti editions

Invicti Enterprise is also available as an On-Demand and On-Premises solution. On-Premises is identical to the hosted version in terms of features and capabilities, but since it runs on your own servers and network, there are a few things to note:

  • You can scan any internal web application without the need to allow incoming access through corporate firewalls.
  • No internet connection is required.
  • Invicti Enterprise On-Premises can also be easily deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or any other type of private cloud environment. Therefore, you do not need to purchase and maintain hardware yourself, and if you do not need On-Demand scalability, you can use physical or virtual machines rather than elastic ones.
  • If your business has to adhere to strict regulatory compliance requirements and policies or you have concerns with your data being stored on our servers, you can still take advantage of Invicti Enterprise’s workflow tools, and scaling and scanning capabilities. That is because the On-Premises edition can be installed on your own servers that are managed by your own team. No data will leave the On-Premises edition of Invicti Enterprise.

Comparison Table

This table lists the menus you will find in each edition.


(Italics indicates a sub-menu)

Invicti Enterprise Invicti Enterprise (On-Premises Edition)
Service Credentials
Cloud Provider
Authentication Verifier
Single Sign-On
IP Restrictions
Sign Out

Invicti Standard

Invicti Standard is available as a Windows application with built-in penetration testing and reporting tools, many of which allow for fully automated security testing. Invicti Standard is used for conducting manual analysis and exploitation and is ideal in situations when more advanced testing is required, such as on an individual component that requires user input.

For further information, see Invicti Standard and Invicti Enterprise Comparison.

Invicti Plans

Invicti Standard and Invicti Enterprise are designed to integrate with each other. Each edition can synchronize and share scan data with the other using a central data repository. You can use whichever edition best suits your needs, and share the results with your entire team.

There are three price plans, each allowing you different access to the editions. Each plan progressively builds on and includes those before.

  • Invicti Standard includes Invicti Standard.
  • Invicti Team includes access to both Invicti Standard and Invicti Enterprise.
  • Invicti Enterprise is similar to the Invicti Team plan.

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