Track each application’s security posture month over month

Are you improving your application’s security posture?

See which vulnerabilities you’ve eliminated, which ones remain, and which ones keep coming back. Identify your high-priority issues — and track your remediation efforts to improve security in the long run.

Identify vulnerability trends

Most scanners show you the vulnerabilities your application has right now. But how has your app’s security changed over time? Have you reduced the number of high-risk vulnerabilities? Do certain vulnerabilities keep recurring?

Track your progress with a color-coded view of each app’s vulnerabilities. Now you can see — at a glance — where you’re stuck and where you’re making progress.

Quickly spot recurring issues so you can fix them once and for all

Your application’s vulnerabilities can recur for several reasons. Maybe a developer fixed the immediate issue, but not the root cause. Or maybe insecure coding practices cause the same vulnerability to keep coming back.

For all the time spent fixing vulnerabilities, shouldn’t they disappear?

With the Vulnerability Trend Matrix, you can automatically identify the recurring issues that sap your development time — and find ways to prevent them from coming back.

Improve security in the long run

Do the same vulnerabilities appear over and over?

Do some vulnerabilities persist month after month?

If so, that may signal deeper problems that you need to address. Now that you know these trends, you may decide to:

  • Train developers in secure coding practices
  • Streamline your resolution workflows
  • Move to a more secure application framework

No matter what you decide, the Trend Matrix gives you the information you need to steadily improve your application security posture.

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