Application security testing that adapts to you — not the other way around

If you don’t have a flexible scanner, you need to run separate tests for each environment, then manually piece together the results. You’re also limited to the number of scans you can run at once, creating a scanning queue that could lead to delays.

Now you can get more speed, visibility, and flexibility with security testing that aligns to your workflows and infrastructure. All thanks to Invicti’s modular architecture, which lets you:

  • Run tests in multiple environments at the same time. Say goodbye to scanning queues. Run as many scans as you need in parallel for faster testing.
  • Get results for multiple environments in one place. No more manual collating. Invicti puts your results together for you.
  • Choose the best deployment model for each environment. From all-cloud to on-premise and everything in between, Invicti adapts to your infrastructure.

Adapts to your infrastructure and workflows

Shouldn’t your application security testing tool adapt to you — not the other way around?

That’s why Invicti lets you choose the best deployment model for your environments — from point-and-click on-demand scanning in all-cloud deployments to custom headless scanning setups. Or even intricate on-premise environments that span multiple physical locations.

Since Invicti uses multiple scan agents that report to a central server, you can choose the best deployment model for each of your environments — without changing your process.

Get results in one place

From development to staging to production, you may have dozens of environments that need to be scanned separately. At the same time, management and your security team need a centralized, up-to-date view of your security status. That means you need to manually piece together scan results from every environment you have.

Or, you can use Invicti. With multiple scan agents that report to a single, central system, you scan every environment and get all your results in one place. Without sacrificing scan speed.

Maximize your test coverage

You can test every part of every website and application you scan with Invicti. With flexible deployment options, you’ll bring its sophisticated crawler, highly accurate scanning engine, and advanced authentication support into any application testing environment. So you get more test coverage, and ultimately, less risk.

Scale as your needs grow

Need to scan cloud-based environments such as AWS? If so, you don’t have to manually configure additional agents as your needs grow.

Simply set a Invicti cloud agent to cloud mode and enable automatic scaling in the cloud. Now Invicti will automatically create a new cloud agent every time a scan is launched, and destroy it when the scan ends.

So when a new website, web service, or application environment goes live, you can automatically fire up one or more agents to test it. Without the need for manual configuration.

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