Scale your security with DAST + IAST that work together

Most application security testing tools miss high-risk vulnerabilities — and turn up time-wasting false positives. And leave developers guessing as to where each vulnerability is.

Invicti’s dynamic (DAST) scanner is known for providing more vulnerability coverage, accuracy, and insight than other tools. Now with the introduction of true interactive (IAST) scanning, the difference is even greater.

The IAST sensor (Invicti Shark) works hand-in-hand with the DAST scanner to:

  • Find more vulnerabilities than DAST or IAST alone. The IAST sensor gives crawlers access to every corner of your applications — so no vulnerability goes unnoticed.
  • Reduce false positives. The IAST sensor and DAST scanner work together to confirm which vulnerabilities are real. Combined with Proof-Based Scanning™, this saves your team hundreds of hours each month.
  • Resolve issues faster. The IAST sensor pinpoints the exact location of many vulnerabilities. So developers can fix them faster than ever.

Scan every file — even hidden ones

Most scans miss unlinked and hidden files because crawlers can’t see them. By deploying Invicti’s IAST sensor within your runtime environment, you’ll gain enhanced visibility into the backend of your web application — this encompasses information about the files utilized by the web application as well as the routing within it. When web API routing is present, you can now discover APIs that are used by the web application.

With Invicti, you can also import API definition files and links so you can perform tests on all your APIs that use a REST, SOAP, or GraphQL architecture.

Now, you can have confidence that every part of every page has been mapped and tested, which ultimately means bad actors have fewer ways to attack you.

Go beyond scanning for vulnerabilities — prevent them

If your local configuration files are misconfigured, that could lead to vulnerabilities you’ll need to address later. Most DAST scanning engines can’t access these files — but Invicti can, thanks to the IAST sensor.

Now you’ll get notified if you have any vulnerable configurations that could lead to exploit.

You’ll also get best practice recommendations that show you how to improve your security posture. So you can prevent more vulnerabilities from appearing in the first place.

Reduce false positives

False positives lead your developers to waste hours chasing down vulnerabilities that don’t even exist. Invicti’s Proof-Based Scanning™ automatically verifies many identified vulnerabilities and proves that they are real, exploitable issues.

Now you can get proof for even more vulnerabilities. The IAST sensor and DAST engine work together to confirm which vulnerabilities are real. That means fewer false positives. And more issues that you can assign through automation — without the need for manual verification.

Fix vulnerabilities faster by pinpointing their locations

When your developers don’t know the exact location of a vulnerability, the time they spend searching quickly adds up. Here’s how Invicti helps you find and fix security issues faster:

  • The IAST sensor attaches to the application runtime.
  • The DAST engine tests for vulnerabilities.
  • When the DAST engine detects a vulnerability, the IAST sensor provides details about the problem, often down to the specific file name and line number.
  • Depending on the technology and type of vulnerability, IAST insights can include injected payloads, exploit results, and stack traces generated by errors.

Now your developers can spend less time locating security issues and more time developing your products.

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