Save hundreds of hours of manual work each month

After each scan, you face the daunting tasks of verifying, triaging, and fixing the vulnerabilities found.

For an organization as big as yours, these tasks can easily add up to hundreds of hours of work each month — and leave your team with a backlog of thousands of issues to manage.

Now you can dramatically reduce the manual effort involved with accurate automation:

  • Keep false positives to a minimum. Save hours each month with Proof-Based Scanning™ and other features that confirm which vulnerabilities are real.
  • Focus on the vulnerabilities that truly matter. See which vulnerabilities put you at serious risk versus the ones you can safely ignore.
  • Automate your remediation workflows. Invicti automatically assigns confirmed vulnerabilities to developers and provides all the information they need to fix each one.

Take control of your application security

Vulnerabilities always appear faster than you can resolve them. Without accurate scan results and trustworthy automation, you’ll always be behind.

Now you can automate every part of the remediation process that can possibly be automated — from vulnerability confirmation and triaging, to retesting fixes to ensure they worked. Get measurable results from day one, and streamline every part of your web application security program.

Eliminate security testing bottlenecks

If your security team needs to manually check and process every vulnerability report, you’re guaranteed to have bottlenecks that can lead to delayed releases.

Let Invicti automatically confirm vulnerabilities with Proof-Based Scanning™, and assign them accurate severity ratings. Automatically send proven, high-impact vulnerabilities to the right developer’s issue queue.

Now your security team doesn’t have to manually process every report. And development teams don’t need to deal with the frustration of searching for false-positive vulnerabilities that don’t even exist.

Give developers what they need to fix security flaws

Give your developers all the information they need to fix each vulnerability. Every ticket Invicti automatically creates includes a detailed vulnerability report with:

  • Issue location
  • Issue severity
  • Remediation guidance

Now your developers can fix each vulnerability on their own — without the back-and-forth with the security team.

Plus, when a developer marks a security bug as fixed in their issue tracker, Invicti automatically tests the fix. If the vulnerability still exists, it’s reassigned to the developer — all without effort from your security team.

Integrate vulnerability management into your development pipeline

No more asking for status updates. Thanks to two-way integrations with issue trackers such as Jira, vulnerabilities in Invicti stay in sync with developer tickets. That means everyone knows the current status of every issue.

You can also automatically notify team members when new issues appear, or when a new task is assigned through:

  • Slack
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Your issue tracker
  • Your collaboration platform

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Now that you’ve automated routine communications, your teams can focus on the tasks that truly require human expertise.

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