Add unlimited users and control their access

Add as many users as you need — your licensing is based on the number of targets you want to scan, not how many people need access to Invicti.

Customize user roles and privileges so everyone has the right type of access. Give direct or API-based access to everyone who needs it, including the developers who fix most of your security issues.

Provision all the users you need

When you have a mission-critical site or application to secure, you shouldn’t need to worry about how many users can have access. With Invicti, you can create and assign as many users as you need to get the job done — at no extra cost.

Even if you grow rapidly and your development and security teams double or triple headcount, you can add these new users without spending an extra penny.

Integrate security into your existing workflows

You have far more developers than security engineers. That means the only realistic way to scale your application security is to involve your developers.

Give all your developers access to Invicti — directly or through APIs and integrations. Use custom permissions to give the appropriate access to each role or user.

Now you can make your workflows more efficient by integrating security testing into your development pipelines — without worrying about how many users you can add.

Get more visibility and accountability

Which developers should be assigned which vulnerabilities? The more websites, applications, and developers you have, the more work it takes to figure out.

Put an end to this time-consuming detective work with Invicti. Create website groups and specify a technical contact for each one — so you never need to wonder who is responsible for what.

This also gives you more accountability and visibility, allowing management to quickly follow up with the right people to act on security trends.

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