Never let outdated libraries or frameworks give attackers an easy way in

If one of the open source libraries or frameworks you use becomes outdated and vulnerable, your applications become vulnerable too.

Keep track of every version of every library and framework you use. Get notified the instant one goes out of date — so you can take action before attackers do.

Don’t leave your applications vulnerable to avoidable attacks

Old and vulnerable versions of libraries and frameworks can linger in your infrastructure for years. This leaves your organization wide open to attacks.

See the current versions of every open source library and framework you use with the Technologies Dashboard. Get visibility into the installed components of your web application infrastructure, including:

  • JavaScript libraries
  • Web development frameworks
  • Web servers
  • CMS deployments
  • Programming languages
  • Database servers

Invicti proactively monitors for new versions of the technologies you use so you’ll get an alert when something needs an update – without having to run a new scan.

Make informed decisions about the technologies you use

Getting a clear overview of all your web technologies can help you manage your infrastructure and reduce administration costs.

Get clear reports that make it easy to see which components:

  • Need updates
  • Need special care to avoid vulnerable features
  • Are no longer used and should be removed

See how Invicti keeps your application security ahead of the curve

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