Give developers everything they need to resolve every vulnerability on their own

Send developers detailed scan results that allow them to fix vulnerabilities without the back-and-forth with your security team.

Get a complete picture of each vulnerability

Your scan results answer your questions about each vulnerability detected:

  • What type of vulnerability is it?
  • What’s the potential impact?
  • How do we fix it?
  • Where is the vulnerability?
  • Are we 100% sure this isn’t a false positive?
  • How can we prevent this vulnerability in the future?

Show developers how to remediate

Give developers step-by-step instructions that show them exactly how to fix each vulnerability.

See the potential impact

Prioritize high-impact vulnerabilities and make informed decisions about what to do next.

Save time with vulnerability location

Unlike most DAST scanners, Invicti’s blended DAST + IAST approach allows you to see the exact lines of code that need to be fixed when the IAST sensor is deployed.

Proof of vulnerability

For many vulnerabilities, Invicti confirms that they are 100% real and exploitable. This unique feature saves your teams from hours of hunting for false positives.

See the technical details

Your scan results also include:

  • Vulnerability type and variant
  • Vulnerable parameter and type
  • The attack pattern and payload used by the scanner
  • Classification (e.g., OWASP) and rating

See how Invicti saves security and dev teams hundreds of hours each month

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