Say goodbye to false positives that drain your time

Most scanners are prone to false alarms that send your teams hunting for vulnerabilities that don’t exist.

Eliminate false positives with Proof-Based Scanning – a unique Invicti feature that verifies vulnerabilities automatically with proven accuracy.

Save hours by automating three manual steps

False positives make automation impossible. Instead, your teams are forced to find, verify, and assign vulnerabilities in three separate steps.

Now you can automate the whole process with Proof-Based Scanning:

Your scheduled scan runs on its own, automatically verifying vulnerabilities, creating tickets, and sending them to the right developers – all without any manual intervention.

This automation can save large companies hundreds of hours each month.

Run scans that prove which vulnerabilities attackers can exploit

During each scan, Invicti automatically confirms vulnerabilities by attempting safe, read-only exploits. You get such confirmation for over 94% of direct-impact vulnerabilities – security flaws that can get you hacked right now.

Confirmed scan results are 99.98% accurate and include solid proof that the security risk is real. Read more

This gives you conclusive evidence that the vulnerability is not a false positive. Because if the scanner can exploit it, so can the attackers.

Eliminate the need to verify each vulnerability manually with Proof-Based Scanning

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