Because your most vulnerable web assets are the ones you don’t know about

Regardless of your organization’s size, you’re bound to have web assets that are lost, forgotten, or unauthorized. These unknown web assets are security blind spots, exposing your company to potentially catastrophic risk.

Invicti automatically and continuously discovers your organization’s web assets. Working in the background, our crawler is always on, scanning for vulnerabilities everywhere you could be attacked: every website, application, API, and web service – even the virtual servers in your AWS cloud environment

Find every web asset that could be attacked

It only takes one forgotten web asset to put your whole organization at risk.

That’s why Invicti automatically scans for lost, hidden, and unknown assets — including API endpoints. The discovery engine works by detecting web-facing assets that are associated with or used by your organization. Now that you know your attack surface, you can make informed decisions about how to protect it.

Reduce your attack surface

Your discovery results may reveal old assets that no longer serve any purpose, such as a marketing site from an ancient campaign. While these assets no longer have any value, they still put your organization at risk.

Once you get your first discovery results, you may decide to decommission old test application deployments or other web assets you no longer need. Now you’ve reduced your attack surface before you’ve even run your first vulnerability scan.

Get your results in seconds

Your results come in a matter of seconds, thanks to the discovery engine’s proprietary, optimized database of global web assets. The discovery engine uses your company domain as a starting point. From there, you can fine-tune the discovery process to exclude specific results, or manually add domains.

You’ll also get automatic notifications whenever the engine detects new web-facing assets associated with your organization, so there’s no need to manually recheck.

Keep a complete web inventory

Maintaining an inventory of web-facing assets and their owners is a security best practice. That’s because a complete, updated inventory helps you find opportunities to minimize your attack surface — and streamline issue resolution.

Invicti’s discovery engine makes it easy to maintain your web inventory. You can use Invicti as your single source of truth for your web inventory, or simply export your discovery results into your inventory management system. And with automatic updates, you can be sure that newly added assets don’t slip under the radar.

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