Predict application risk with AI to proactively prioritize security testing

Predictive Risk Scoring from Invicti uses the strengths of dedicated AI to predict the associated risk of your applications, helping you prioritize your efforts before vulnerability scanning even begins. With this proactive insight on your side, you gain the edge that lets you save critical time as you focus efforts on your highest-risk assets first.

Predict your risk before scanning

Using a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) model, Invicti’s Predictive Risk Scoring automatically evaluates your web assets after the Discovery phase and calculates a risk score based on up to 220 outward features of each asset.

With that risk score in front of them, security teams can accelerate the identification and testing of their most at-risk assets and more quickly close the most likely attack avenues.

Take DAST scanning to another level

Compared to traditional AppSec testing tools that need to test your websites and applications to show you what could be at risk, Invicti’s DAST not only runs automated discovery but also adds a crucial pre-scanning step. By assigning a predictive risk score to discovered web apps, Invicti provides you with a strategic overview of your overall AppSec risk before scanning even begins.

Using Invicti’s DAST paired with AI-enhanced risk prioritization and management, you can easily scale your AppSec program across large application environments for more comprehensive coverage that grows as you grow.

Boost attack surface management (ASM)

Coupling Invicti’s discovery engine with Predictive Risk Scoring empowers teams with a more complete view of their application attack surface and the riskiest apps within it. The discovery service automatically and continuously looks for web-facing assets associated with or used by your organization, including lost, hidden, and unknown ones, while Predictive Risk Scoring shows you which of them carry the highest risk.

Improving your attack surface management means you have greater visibility into the health of your digital environment, enabling more proactive risk management so you can remediate the riskiest vulnerabilities faster.

Manage high and low-volume web apps expertly

Security resources are always constrained, whether you have a hundred or a thousand websites, applications, and APIs to deal with. Prioritization is the name of the game-and having the insights to make informed risk-based decisions on testing and remediation priorities can save time and sanity.

By identifying which web apps need to shift to the top of your priority list, you’re taking the guesswork out of security and enabling your teams to focus their efforts for maximum risk reduction impact.

Fight AI with AI to stay ahead of threat actors

Predictive Risk Scoring enlists artificial intelligence to counter the AI-enhanced speed, scale, and variety of application attacks.

Utilizing a proprietary machine learning model (not an LLM) that quickly evaluates the risk level of discovered assets with a high level of confidence, Invicti gives you an edge over the bad guys and instills confidence in your security program from the ground up.

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