Get the right report for every stakeholder

Monitor your security posture. Show that you’re in compliance. Deliver the right report for every stakeholder. All with Invicti’s out-of-the-box and custom reports.

See your current security status

Your overview dashboard is your security management center. You’ll see your current security posture and how much progress you’ve made with vital metrics:

  • Scans launched
  • Vulnerabilities by severity
  • Unfixed issues remaining
  • Number of issues over time
  • Average time to fix
  • And more

Now you have a clear view of your security posture, your remediation efforts, and your progress. In addition to your dashboard, you can also track each application’s security posture over time with the vulnerability trend matrix.

Show that you’re in compliance


Whatever requirements you need to meet, Invicti makes it easier to show that you comply.

Use predefined compliance scans and reports to simplify the process. For PCI DSS, you can send your scan results directly to our partner Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV). That means you can get an officially-approved PCI compliance report without leaving Invicti.

Get the right report for each audience

Your executive team needs to see different information than your technical teams. That’s why Invicti comes with a variety of reports.

Get easy-to-digest executive reports that provide an accurate snapshot of the scope and business impact of your vulnerabilities.

For more technical audiences, you can filter and dive deep into the details by:

  • Time period
  • Severity
  • Website group
  • And more

Unlike most tools, Invicti lets you automatically compare multiple reports to see how your security posture improves over time.

Get in-depth technical insights

When you need detailed technical information about a specific scan, you can export all your scanning data into a report. This includes complete information about each vulnerability, including:

  • Confirmation status
  • Issue location
  • Vulnerability impact
  • Remediation guidance

For even more insights into crawling and scanning, you can export a knowledge base report that includes details such as:

  • Crawling performance
  • Slowest pages
  • Out-of-scope links
  • Pages with inputs

See how Invicti helps you prove your security progress

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