The next year of AppSec: 2023 and beyond

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From fresh exploits to new attack vectors, things change fast – those sudden ebbs and flows can make or break how prepared you are to respond to future threats quickly and efficiently. Attacks aren’t slowing down, so neither can you.

Looking at 2023, and beyond, what will the next five to ten years of cybersecurity trends look like? How can you ensure that your organization is ready when the next big exploit makes itself known?

Join Frank Catucci, Invicti CTO and Head of Security Research,

to discuss the future of AppSec, including:

  • What are DevSecOps professionals most concerned about and where will they invest in 2023;
  • Which cybersecurity trends will be shaping 2023 and beyond;
  • How processes, tools, and workflows might change in response, and how will they affect you;
  • And more.

Keeping an eye on trends is critical to staying ahead of the curve with a proactive approach. Join this webinar to prepare yourself for a more secure 2023, and beyond.

Frank Catucci


Frank Catucci

CTO and Head of Security Research