New ISO27001 Requirements for a Secure SDLC with Vulnerability Scanning

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With the 44% rise in publicly reported cybersecurity incidents over the past decade and a growing cost per incident between $266,000 and $52 million, organizations know they must introduce more-robust cybersecurity management systems.

Updated in October 2022, new ISO 27001 requirements redefine application security controls for building a secure SDLC in modern software development environments, with an emphasis on vulnerability scanning.

Join the Invicti CISO and VP of Information Security, Matthew Sciberras,

to learn more about the 2022 version of the ISO 27001 and 27002 standards, including:

  • New set of requirements for the software development life cycle
  • What the new requirements mean for developers
  • Why vulnerability scanning is emphasized in multiple places in the standard, and how to incorporate it as part of the secure SDLC.
Matthew Sciberras


Matthew Sciberras

Invicti CISO and VP of Information Security