Applying AI-backed Predictive Risk Scoring to Solve Your AppSec Prioritization Challenges 

A general DAST practice today is to discover web assets or applications and then initiate a scan to identify vulnerabilities. Where do you start if you have an overload of targets to be scanned? Being able to predict the risk level of assets before investing the time to scan and identify vulnerabilities is a new and innovative high-value capability for AppSec teams.

This is the challenge we are addressing with Invicti’s new capability, Predictive Risk Scoring. Predictive Risk Scoring leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to help you determine which web applications should be scanned first and proactively prioritize remediation efforts! 

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Join Patrick Vandenberg, Director of Product Marketing and Frank Catucci, CTO and Head of Security Research & Data Science as they discuss:


  • The prioritization challenge in AppSec
  • Embracing risk into AppSec
  • Predictive Risk Scoring and how it can augment your AppSec program
  • Practical application of AI into application security testing


Patrick Vandenberg

Director of Product Marketing

A seasoned cybersecurity leader, Patrick Vandenberg is the Director of Product Marketing at Invicti Security. He works closely with security and DevSecOps stakeholders to understand today’s cybersecurity pain points so we can continue to help our customers solve their application security challenges. As an alumnus of several cybersecurity companies, including Hunters, Snyk, and IBM Security, Patrick brings over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity across product marketing and product management roles. Patrick holds a degree in Systems & Computer Engineering from Carleton University and, in his free time, continues a longtime passion for coaching and playing hockey.

Frank Catucci


Frank Catucci

CTO and Head of Security Research & Data Science

Frank Catucci is a global application security technical leader with over 20 years of experience, designing scalable application security specific architecture, partnering with cross-functional engineering and product teams. Frank is a past OWASP Chapter President and contributor to the OWASP bug bounty initiative and most recently was the Head of Application & Product Security at Data Robot. Prior to that role, Frank was the Sr. Director of Application Security & DevSecOps and Security Researcher at Gartner, and was also the Director of Application Security for Qualys. Outside of work and hacking things, Frank and his wife maintain a family farm. He is an avid outdoors fan and loves all types of fishing, boating, watersports, hiking, camping and especially dirt bikes and motorcycles.