Security Considerations and Potential Implications of AI

Large language models (LLMs) are the foundation of the current wave of AI products, most notably chatbots such as ChatGPT. As LLM-based features are increasingly being built into many types of software, from content generators to development environments and even operating systems, a significant security concern arises: prompt injection attacks.

Join this thought-provoking discussion and learn:

  • Known types of prompt injection
  • The dangers they can bring
  • Approaches to minimize risk
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Join Invicti Chief Architect, Dan Murphy and Invicti CTO and Head of Security Research, Frank Catucci

Dan Murphy


Dan Murphy

Chief Architect

Dan Murphy has 20+ years of experience in the security space, specializing in web security, distributed systems, and software architecture. As a Chief Architect at Invicti, his focus is on ensuring that Invicti products across the entire organization work together to provide a scalable, performant, and secure dynamic analysis experience.


Frank Catucci

CTO and Head of Security Research & Data Science

Frank Catucci is a global application security technical leader with over 20 years of experience, designing scalable application security specific architecture and partnering with cross-functional engineering and product teams. Frank is a past OWASP Chapter President and contributor to the OWASP bug bounty initiative, and most recently was the Head of Application & Product Security at Data Robot. Prior to that role, Frank was the Sr. Director of Application Security & DevSecOps and Security Researcher at Gartner, and also the Director of Application Security for Qualys.