Mastering DevSecOps: Best Practices Learned From Common Mistakes

Implementing DevSecOps allows security to become a vital part of the software development lifecycle.

For DevSecOps to be effective, organizations must not only adopt a security-first mindset and use automated security validation in their DevOps pipelines—they also need to empower their developers and follow other related best practices.

In reality, only a few organizations have actually managed to implement DevSecOps effectively and see tangible benefits. Why?

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Join Invicti Senior Application Security Manager Suha Akyuz,

as he explains the most common mistakes made when implementing DevSecOps and uses them to illustrate best practices for your organization.

You will also learn:

  • The benefits of DevSecOps
  • How to implement a DevSecOps workflow
  • The most common mistakes to avoid when building DevSecOps
  • DevSecOps best practices based on real-life examples

Don’t miss this insightful webinar—learn how to elevate your DevSecOps practices, streamline your development lifecycle, and build a robust and secure software culture.


Suha Akyuz

Senior Application Security Manager

Suha is the Senior Application Security Manager at Invicty Security. As a seasoned security and networking professional, he brings more than 30 years of experience in leading and directing information technology operations across diverse industries and global markets. Skilled in Project Management, IT/Cyber Security, Network and VoIP, Suha proactively identifies and resolves complex issues and has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, earning clients’ trust and repeat business.