GraphQL API Security and DAST

GraphQL is a data query and manipulation language for building APIs that is quickly gaining popularity. As a relatively young technology, GraphQL is often bolted onto existing applications and interfaces, which further increases complexity and the potential for vulnerabilities.

While it comes with built-in validation and type-checking, it has its share of security shortcomings for attackers to exploit when accessing sensitive data.

Scanning GraphQL APIs for vulnerabilities can be more challenging than traditional REST APIs due to the unique nature of GraphQL.

Addressing these challenges requires a combination of well-designed security practices, effective tooling, and a deep understanding of GraphQL’s unique features.

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Join Invicti Staff Security Engineer Sven Morgenroth to learn more about:

  • GraphQL API security basics
  • Common attack vectors and API vulnerabilities to look out for
  • Some of the security pitfalls of working with GraphQL APIs
  • Specific challenges associated with scanning GraphQL APIs, such as complex authentication
  • How to effectively scan and secure GraphQL APIs with dynamic application security testing (DAST)


Sven Morgenroth

Staff Security Engineer

Sven is a Staff Security Engineer at Invicti. He lives in Germany and is passionate about web application security. He loves to explore and exploit all different kinds of real-world vulnerabilities.