Strengthening the Security of Your Software Supply Chain with Dynamic Scanning

With the rapid pace of development, web applications are increasing in sophistication every day, with more and more organizations relying on tiers of suppliers to deliver their products or services.

Each of these external parties can expose organizations to new risks based on their ability to properly manage their own vulnerabilities.

Whilst many organizations are implementing important security measures, such as SBOMs, these alone may not be enough to efficiently manage and mitigate supply chain security risks. 

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Join Invicti’s Mark Townsend, VP of Professional Services,

as he shares real-life customer success stories and provides best practices that will help reduce the risk of supply chain security issues.  

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • The drivers behind software supply chain security issues
  • How to discover, manage, and mitigate web vulnerabilities in your own as well as 3rd party applications
  • How to build a secure software supply chain by incorporating DAST as part of your application security and vulnerability management process


Mark Townsend

VP of Professional Services

With more than 27 years experience in data networking and information security, Mark brings a wealth of technology experience and understanding to his organization. He currently leads the Professional Services, Technical Support, and Engineering Escalation teams for Invicti.

Mark co-authored several patents in information security and has served as a contributing member of several information security industry standards including the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Trusted Network Connect (TNC) workgroup. Mark leverages his experience to mentor and guide those starting careers in information security.

Prior to his current position, Mark has served a variety of roles including service and support, marketing, sales management, and technology leadership with established companies and startups. Mark is often a guest lecturer at universities and industry events.