Invicti’s 2022 AppSec Indicator: Tuning Out the AppSec Noise is All About DAST

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In the chaos generated by alert overload, inefficient communications, and inadequate toolchains, how do development and security practitioners deal with it all?

In partnership with Wakefield Research, Invicti polled 500 DevSecOps professionals to gain deeper insight into how organizations from varying industries deal with AppSec challenges, where they are truly investing, and where the greatest changes are taking place.

Join Invicti CTO and Head of Security Research, Frank Catucci,

as he presents the highlights from Invicti’s latest AppSec Indicator report, including:

  • The real-life effectiveness of existing AppSec processes
  • The anticipated spending trends for security initiatives
  • Tried-and-true ways to prove ROI by cutting through the noise, inefficiencies, and delays using dynamic application security testing (DAST)

When AppSec grows too noisy, vulnerabilities get the silent treatment to the detriment of both development and security. Join the webinar and learn how to tune out the noise and move towards an efficient DevSecOps process.

Frank Catucci


Frank Catucci

CTO and Head of Security Research