Application security with zero noise

Build security automation into every step of your SDLC – so your teams can eliminate hundreds of hours of manual tasks each month.

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See how Invicti makes it easier to secure thousands of web assets

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Cover your Application Security Testing with DAST (and more)

Discover + Crawl

Scan every corner of every app

You can’t secure a web asset if you don’t know it exists. When you have thousands of web assets, your organization is bound to lose track of some of them. This leaves them vulnerable to attacks.

  • Gain complete visibility into all your applications — even those that are lost, forgotten, or hidden.
  • Scan any type of web application, web service and web API — including first and third-party (open source) code — regardless of the technology, framework or language they’re built with.
  • Scan the corners of your web assets that other tools miss, with advanced crawling and our combined interactive + dynamic (IAST + DAST) scanning approach.
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Assess Risk

Prioritize testing with AI-backed risk predictions

With Predictive Risk Scoring by Invicti, you’re able to predict the associated risk of your applications before you even scan. A proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) model evaluates your web assets after Discovery, providing a calculated risk score so that identifying and testing your most at-risk assets is easy.

  • Predict risk based on 220 outward features, enabling you to proactively prioritize which assets to evaluate and fix first.
  • Combine the power of AI with Invicti’s market-leading DAST solution to easily scale your AppSec efforts for more comprehensive coverage.
  • Enhance attack surface management (ASM) with a more complete view of your attack surface so that you can manage web assets more easily, taking the guesswork out of security.
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More coverage means less risk

Other application security testing solutions rely on a single type of scanning, such as dynamic (DAST) or interactive (IAST). On their own, each type can miss high-risk vulnerabilities. Invicti’s unique DAST + IAST scanning approach helps you find the vulnerabilities that other tools can’t.

  • Detect more vulnerabilities with combined DAST + IAST scanning — developed by the team that pioneered the world’s first IAST.
  • Separate the vulnerabilities that truly put you at risk from the ones that don’t.
  • Get fast, accurate results with combined signature-based and behavior-based scanning.
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Fix vulnerabilities with less manual effort

Shrink your security backlog with automation and workflow features that make it easier to manage and assign security tasks. And save your security team hours of manual work every week.

  • Reduce time-wasting false positives with Proof-Based Scanning™ that eliminates the need for manual verification.

  • Automatically create and assign confirmed vulnerabilities to developers.

  • Help developers fix issues fast with detailed documentation that pinpoints the exact locations of your vulnerabilities.

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Build security into development.

When you catch vulnerabilities after your code has shipped, the problems ripple: Delayed releases. Scrambled troubleshooting. Tension between security and developers. Invicti helps you squash budding security issues before they grow into major disruptions by integrating security into the tools and workflows developers use daily.

  • Automatically give developers rapid feedback that trains them to write more secure code — so they create fewer vulnerabilities over time.

  • Catch vulnerabilities early in the SDLC so you can save the time, money and headache of post-release security issues.

  • Eliminate bottlenecks and reduce the tension between development and security teams by helping developers tackle security tasks on their own.

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Continuously Secure

Stay secure. 24 hours a day.
365 days a year.

In a rapid deployment environment, risks exist for some time before they’re caught by a periodic scan, bug bounty program or manual pentest. Now you can stay secure at all times with security features that never sleep.

  • Prevent delays and ensure fewer risks are introduced with ongoing scanning and security checks throughout your SDLC.

  • Get automatic notifications when a deployed technology becomes outdated — without running a new scan — so your apps stay secure.

  • Keep your risk to a minimum — even in an Agile or rapid deployment environment.

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Save your security and development teams hours each day. Days each week. Weeks each year. See how.

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