Fluidra speeds up remediation time and sharpens their security strategy with Invicti

Before using Invicti we had to scan applications manually, consuming time and resources that could be better used elsewhere. Thanks to the capabilities and ease of use of Invicti platform, we were able to improve our scanning methodology in almost no time.

– Oriol Cardus, Senior Security Analyst at Fluidra

Founded in 1969, Fluidra is a Spanish multinational company that is focused on pools and wellness equipment. Their vast experience with developing products and services for the global residential and commercial pool market in more than 45 countries means they rely on the Internet daily to serve worldwide customers, and so web application security measures are critical to their operations.

Protecting data confidentiality with modern security

Because Fluidra’s services are global and lean heavily on Internet exposure, they knew how critical it was to have both preventative and reactive security measures in place. The right application security (AppSec) tools and best practices would provide more control over the integrity and confidentiality of their data, as well as greater visibility into that data for internal and external reviews. 

It is very important to preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our data. A vulnerability could trigger a security breach, and this would have a major negative impact not only on reputation but also on the legislation level.

Although their security team has grown rapidly in recent years it is still relatively new, leading to struggles with manual analysis. When searching for a modern solution, they were looking at AppSec vendors which offered streamlined tools with accurate results so that they could analyze and remediate found vulnerabilities faster and more effectively.

Securing a vast threat landscape with robust scanning

The Fluidra team needed a more comprehensive view of their asset inventory to better prepare for emerging threats and implement countermeasures. With approximately 300 web applications worldwide, Fluidra turned to Invicti’s AppSec solution with market-leading dynamic analysis (DAST) for greater coverage and accuracy.

We chose Invicti because it seemed to be the most mature DAST solution on the market, and therefore could give us better scanning results.

Prior to selecting Invicti as their AppSec vendor of choice, Fluidra was manually scanning their applications and spending valuable time and resources on unnecessarily tedious tasks. After incorporating Invicti into their workflows and scanning processes, they were able to improve their methodology quickly and efficiently to redefine their approach to AppSec.

Saving 50% more scan time to free up critical resources

Now that they have the Invicti platform in their arsenal, Fluidra has seen benefits that are helping them shape a more effective strategy every day. Web asset discovery has provided them with a clearer picture of their asset inventory. Additionally, scanning results are fast and eliminate the need for a third party vendor or external resources.

Using the Invicti solution helped us to get an overall landscape of the security of our applications.

Fluidra was able to embed Invicti’s solutions quickly, on their own, for a seamless setup experience. They run monthly, weekly, and daily scans with greater success in vulnerability verification and management, especially when it comes to reducing the manual work generated by false positives and other tedious tasks.

It’s great to receive constant notifications of scan results. We only need to log into the platform to determine the impact of vulnerabilities detected in our environment, then take care of the corresponding vulnerability management.

With 50% faster scan results they can act quickly when a problem arises, improving their time-saving KPI all around. The Fluidra team was able to increase the amount of tickets that they can realistically manage for new and changed websites by two-fold. Because they can scan faster with more accurate results than ever before, they can now handle twice as many new or changed websites and meet internal deadlines without sacrificing security.

Fewer false flags, more time for innovation

Fluidra’s consistent scan results built on accuracy help them determine the best course of action for each vulnerability, filling in where they may have security gaps. Because Invicti’s solution provides vulnerability verification, Fluidra team members can now come together quickly to remediate flaws without wasting time on issues like false positives so they can get right back to building innovative products for their customers.

Turn your security process into a success story