Belgian Infosec Company Uses Invicti to Train the Upcoming Generation of Security Professionals

Not only is Invicti superb in web vulnerability detection, but also in advanced exploitation. It has taken our penetration testing assessments to a new level! Congrats!

– Malik Mesellem, CEO of MME BVBA and Founder of bWAPP

Founded in 2010 by Malik Mesellem, MME BVBA is an independent IT security company. Malik Mesellem is also the founder of bWAPP, a buggy web application and has also delivered several keynote sessions about web application security at several of SANS and other reputable security conferences.

His company specializes in IT security audits, penetration testing, ethical hacking and security training. They have also completed penetration tests and trained people from organizations across multiple verticals. Malik’s team, who have been using Invicti web application security scanner in both their penetration tests and when conducting web security training, had this to say about Invicti.

Invicti’s Advanced SQL injection and Cross-site Scripting(XSS) Detection Mechanism Sets It Apart From the Other Web Security Scanners

Throughout the years the team at MME BVBA have used several different automated web application security tools and have developed a set of rigorous web security testing procedures. Every few months the team scan the deliberately vulnerable web application bWAPP. Their objective is to test the effectiveness of the the scanners when crawling web applications and detecting the known vulnerabilities in bWAPP.

Over the last five years of research and testing, the results clearly point to a single conclusion:

The other commercial web vulnerability scanners are not as good as Invicti at detecting SQL injections, Cross-site Scripting (XSS)  and the other direct impact vulnerabilities. It’s the best product on the market these days.

Beyond Automated Detection of Vulnerabilities in Websites

Malik and his team didn’t choose Invicti simply because it detects more vulnerabilities. They also chose Invicti for its tremendous ease of use, and because it allowed him and his team of security professionals to automate much of the pre-scan and post-scan process. The result was a considerable savings in time.

When doing a penetration test the last thing you want is to waste time trying to configure the tool you are using. Nor do we want to have to manually exploit all of the scanner’s findings to verify the scan’s results. You want a tool that helps save time. That way, you can help more customers and provide a higher quality service.

Invicti is a Better Tool For Training New Security Professionals

Apart from using Invicti web application security scanner for penetration testing, the team at MME MVBA also use Invicti during their demos and training sessions. Because Invicti is so easy to use, it provides students with a tool that boosts their confidence and allows them to get their feet wet without shying away from the complexities of web application security.

An easy to use tool also means that students have more time to learn about vulnerabilities and how to find them, rather than learning how to use another piece of complex software.       


MME BVBA is an independent IT security company founded in 2010 by Malik Mesellem. It is specialized in security audits, penetration testing, ethical hacking, and security training. MME has a no-nonsense mentality regarding cyber incidents and data protection. Its mission is to advise and to remediate threats and vulnerabilities.

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