Gasnetz frees up their security team’s resources through automation with Invicti

“With a high number of critical web applications, not all can be checked manually. This is where Invicti comes in, automating security checks at regular intervals.”

Erik Krupke, IT Systems Engineer, Gasnetz Hamburg GmbH

Gasnetz Hamburg GmbH and Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH manage joint IT operations for the electricity grid and gas grid for the city of Hamburg, Germany. Operating such critical infrastructure, the Gasnetz IT team experiences high demand for the availability and security of fundamental web applications.

Safeguarding critical infrastructure with modern security

Because Gasnetz is an operator of critical infrastructure for the city of Hamburg, they must take special consideration for the security of their web applications. Joint IT operations between Gasnetz Hamburg GmbH and Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH mean that they previously relied on historical systems to manage their web applications with antiquated application security measures.

We didn’t have an automated security solution before. Now, Invicti supports us with uniform automatic tests and has enabled us to quickly get an overview of the really critical web applications.

Additionally, their team regularly carries out time-consuming manual penetration tests, which means they have less time to work on more innovative projects for functionality. And because they have a high number of applications they’re managing at all times, some applications were missing those regular checks prior to implementing Invicti.

Freeing up valuable time and resources through the Invicti platform

The Gasnetz team knew they needed automated solutions to enable security checks at fixed intervals, provide more clarity into existing and past vulnerabilities, and ensure that they had deeper coverage for all of their web applications.

We have already added the most important web applications to Invicti and can check changes to the web applications promptly. This has relieved the security department and freed up resources for other jobs.

Since integrating Invicti by Invicti, they’re able to check and update their most critical applications quickly and efficiently, taking unnecessary pressure off the security department and providing developers with accurate, up-to-date information.

Bolstering security for more complete coverage

One of the most significant benefits the Gasnetz team experienced when they implemented Invicti’s application security testing solution was the ability to close holes in their coverage. They successfully automated security checks at the right times for their development process, all done through a centralized platform with an overview of past and current flaws that need attention. Invicti’s customer support team was there to help at every step, and continues providing valuable assistance where needed.

Invicti support was always available within a short time and was able to find a solution in all cases.

With a clearer view of their overall security posture, everyone is on the same page. The organization’s developers now have comprehensive documentation at their fingertips so that they’re in sync with security. Automated scanning capabilities and Jira integrations take some of the manual work out of their security program too, allowing them to focus on more impactful tasks.

Automated security checks for a modern approach to AppSec

Thanks to Invicti, Gasnetz has taken back control over misused staffing resources and antiquated security systems. With the Invicti platform supporting what was once tedious work through regular, automated security checks, they’re saving valuable time and resources that they’re able to apply back to other critical security needs and innovative projects that help support their infrastructure.

Turn your security process into a success story