Invicti used by Security Consultants to Identify Vulnerabilities in Thousands of Web Applications

Invicti is a fantastic tool and is very light to use. Security Reports are easy to comprehend and helped programmers close web vulnerabilities quickly. It has become an essential tool for our consulting team. I will not hesitate to recommend Invicti to anyone!

– Sujit Christy, Director at Layers-7 Seguro Consultoria Pvt Ltd

Layers-7 specializes in IT security and provides businesses from all industries with security consultation, services, and solutions, with the aim of helping them find the right balance between security and their primary business mission.

As part of their Security Services, a team of professionals from Layers-7 ensure the security of thousands of websites and web applications that are run by their own customers and accessed by millions of visitors every month. With clients operating from a wide range of different industries, such as manufacturing, aviation, retail and government, Layers-7 encounters a variety of custom-built web applications, most of which are tightly integrated with other custom-made software.

Automating Web Application Security Services

To meet the ever growing needs of its customers, keep on identifying web vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, and be more efficient while still providing an excellent service to its customers, the team of experts at Layers-7 had to automate web application security.

They required an automated web application security scanner that:

  • Is fast and reliable;
  • Can scan websites running on Apache web server;
  • Identifies web application vulnerabilities in web applications built in PHP, .NET and Java;
  • Generate industry standard reports, such as developer and executive reports;
  • Reports no false positives, ensuring that their team can spend their time securing web applications and not verifying false positives.

Invicti Delivers the Best Automated Web Application Security Solution

After evaluating several automated web vulnerability scanners such as AppScan and Acunetix WVS, Layers-7 chose Invicti web application security scanner, a solution already in use by renowned companies such as Samsung and Skype, because, according to Sujit Christy, Director at Layers-7: 

Invicti is the only web application security scanner that detects all type of vulnerabilities without reporting false positives.

Our team does not need to spend hours configuring Invicti because, as an out of the box installation, it is good to scan almost all type of web applications.

The Importance of Quality Support

Layers-7 is not only satisfied with Invicti as a product; their consultants are also delighted to be receiving the level of support that they expect from a global company that is aligned with their needs.

Apart from the product, Invicti’s sales and technical support teams are awesome. They answer all kind of questions, are exceptionally prompt, and never treated any question from our team as trivial.

About Layers-7

Layers-7 was founded with the vision of providing enterprise level security consulting and services to private and public sector organizations.

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