Leading by Example – T4G Uses Invicti to Scan Their Own and Client’s Websites

The decision to use Invicti for website and web application vulnerability scanning was due to the large library of scan settings available to choose from. This choice of scans produced easy to understand definitions of the threats that were found. Invicti also provided solutions to the identified threats.

– Steve Charlton, T4G’s Quality Assurance Specialist.

T4G is an IT consulting firm that has expertise in analytics, managed services, retail planning and digital marketing. T4G also designs, develops and deploys technology solutions for its customers to help run their businesses and has been a using Invicti web application security scanner since early 2014.

Automatically Finding Vulnerabilities in Their Custom Web Applications

T4G started using Invicti to automatically find vulnerabilities and security flaws on their own websites and custom web applications. It all worked very well for them; Invicti helped uncover some vulnerabilities during the early stages of development, before an update or a web application is used in a live environment.

Scanning Customer’s Web Applications with Invicti Web Security Scanner

Like any other business, T4G wants to deliver the best service to their customers. Considering Invicti has worked well for them, they introduced automated web application security scanning with Invicti in their Harmonized Threat and Risk Assessment audit with which T4G helps its customers ensure the long-term security of their websites and web applications. They use Invicti web application security scanner to scan their customer’s websites and web applications.

We didn’t think twice about including Invicti security scans in our audit services, it was simply the best option for our clients. In short, Invicti provides value to a security oriented client

– Steve Charlton, T4G’s Quality Assurance Specialist.

Scanning A Wide Variety of Web Applications and Web Technologies

T4G has customers from a number of different industry verticals such as retail, hospitality, energy, finance and also government agencies. Even though the majority of the websites they scan are built on Java and run on Apache, with such a varied customer base T4G scans any type of web application and web technology. Their engineers has seen it all.

Identifying Vulnerabilities in Web Applications Before Deployment

Automated web security and vulnerability scanning have evolved in the last few years. Nowadays it is not just about scanning a web application before it is deployed in a live environment, but one has to ensure security is thought for, and the code is secure even during the early stages of development. If security is not thought for during the early stages of development, it might be too expensive or sometimes even impossible to fix a security flaw at a later stage.

Following the best security practices, T4G are a proof that automated scans are indeed needed at different and early stages of development. In fact it is not the first time that Invicti identified significant vulnerabilities during a routine web security scan of web applications which are still being developed.

About T4G

T4G brings together expertise in Analytics, Managed Services, Retail Planning, Digital Marketing and Custom Applications. T4G designs, develops and deploys technology solutions that help customers run their businesses better.

T4G’s self-directed project teams enables people to create, solve and lead using a unique mix of technology, design and analytics to bring value to customers.

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