About Invicti Learn

Invicti Learn is a collaborative effort by a team of technical content writers and security researchers, who have worked together to bring you specialist knowledge in an easy-to-read form.

  • Tomasz Andrzej Nidecki – primary author
    Tomasz is a Principal Cybersecurity Writer at Invicti. He has been with the company since the beginning of 2019, primarily writing for the Acunetix blog and authoring several white papers and other studies. Before Invicti, he worked for almost 25 years in Poland and Malta as an IT journalist, translator, and technical writer. Tomasz has been the Managing Editor of the hakin9 IT Security magazine in its early years and used to run a major technical blog dedicated to email security.
  • Sven Morgenroth – contributor
    Sven is a Senior Security Researcher at Invicti. He lives in Germany and is passionate about Web Application Security. He loves to explore and exploit all different kinds of real-world vulnerabilities.
  • Benjamin Daniel Mussler – contributor
    Benjamin Daniel is a Senior Security Researcher at Invicti and the core security researcher for one of Invicti’s leading web application security testing solutions, Acunetix. Benjamin Daniel’s interests lie in exploring new web technologies and how they impact automated security testing. Originally from Germany, he now calls Malta his home.
  • Aleksei Tiurin – contributor
    Aleksei is a Senior Security Researcher at Invicti. Together with Benjamin, they have been a force behind Acunetix security checks and security-related research. Aleksei is a security researcher and pentester with broad experience in offensive security. He is also an active member of the global security community, participating in events and giving lectures.
  • Zbigniew Banach – contributor
    Zbigniew is a Senior Technical Content Writer at Invicti. With the company since 2019, he has focused on the Invicti blog as well as authoring a multitude of white papers, case studies, and more. His previous experience includes IT journalism and technical translation.