Identify Vulnerabilities in Web Services with Netsparker

Press Release | Netsparker Ltd. announces the new version of Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner version 3.2. The latest version of Netsparker allows businesses and organizations to automatically scan web services and identify security issues in them. The new version of the only false positive free web vulnerability scanner is also shipped with new request and response viewers which give the user a better insight of each request used in the testing and contains several new web application vulnerability security checks.

South African Police Web Application for Whistleblowers Hacked via SQL Injection

The repercussions an exploited web application vulnerability such as an SQL Injection can have are a lot. For example in this particular case, by exploiting an SQL injection vulnerability malicious hackers published a list of whistleblowers in South Africa, endangering their lives. This example highlights the importance of identifying each and every web application vulnerability, since a malicious hacker only needs to exploit one. Full details about the attack in this blog post.