Is Your Web Vulnerability Scanner Uncovering All Vulnerabilities?

In just 3 years and 1 month Netsparker published 47 advisories to prove that Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner has one of the best web application vulnerability detection rate. Can your automated web vulnerability scanner identify all the vulnerabilities on your web applications and websites or not?

This is an archive post from the Netsparker (now Invicti) blog. Please note that the content may not reflect current product names and features in the Invicti offering.

Here at Netsparker we are obsessed about the vulnerability detection rate of Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner, to ensure that all Netsparker users can uncover all possible web application vulnerabilities and fix them before malicious attackers have a chance of exploiting them.

As a matter of fact, over the years Netsparker has always ranked very high in several web vulnerability scanners benchmarks. To achieve such a good vulnerability detection rate, we are constantly scanning a number of test web applications with Netsparker, most of which are open source projects which are available to the public and used by organizations as we speak.

Using the results from these tests, last year we published an infographic about the current state of web application security. From these statistics, one can come up with 2 conclusions:

First: No wonder web applications and websites are being hacked every day. Netsparker identified 181 unique vulnerabilities in 127 web applications.

Second: Encouraging for us, Netsparker is continuously identifying vulnerabilities in all sorts of web applications, independent of the framework / language they are built with.

Netsparker Advisories

When possible we release an advisory of the detected vulnerabilities. Last year we released 17 advisories of multiple critical web application vulnerabilities detected with Netsparker, most of which are Cross-site scripting, SQL Injections and Local File Inclusions. Fast forward to end of January this year and we already published the following 4 advisories:

Identify More Vulnerabilities with Netsparker

In just 3 years and 1 month, Netsparker published 47 advisories. In reality it identified much more vulnerabilities but it is not always possible to disclose the vulnerability details and publish an advisory. Are you sure your current web vulnerability scanner uncovers all vulnerabilities? Download Netsparker trial edition to see if it can uncover more web application vulnerabilities than your existing solutions.

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