Progress Panel Improvements

The Progress panel displays information about scan speed and progress, including how far your scan has progressed. The Netsparker Standard 5.5 November 2019 Update introduced improvements that help you better estimate the remaining scan time.

This is an archive post from the Netsparker (now Invicti) blog. Please note that the content may not reflect current product names and features in the Invicti offering.

During a scan, Netsparker Standard displays the Scan Summary Dashboard, which contains a series of panels displaying information about the currently running scan. The Progress panel is one of the panels that is displayed during a scan. It lets you know how far your scan has progressed in real time and includes an Estimated Time.

In the recent Netsparker Standard 5.5 November 2019 Update, we have made some improvements to the Progress panel, in order to better estimate the remaining scan time.

  • The Progress bar estimation calculation is no longer based on the number of remaining HTTP requests to be made, but on engine runtimes (the actual time these requests and analysis of their responses would take, including CPU-intensive DOM simulation operations according to the target web application).
  • The Scan Performance section in the Knowledge Base report has also been updated to reflect engine runtimes instead of request count.
  • The Progress panel’s Requests per second setting has been improved, so that its value can be changed by clicking anywhere along the slider.

For further information, see Progress. For further information on other features in the latest release, see Netsparker Standard 5.5 – November 2019 Update.