Summary #

Invicti detected that your website uses the Citrix Netscaler. Citrix Netscaler is an application delivery and load balancing solution for your web, and cloud-native applications.

Impact #

This issue is reported as additional information only. There is no direct impact arising from this issue.However, Netsparker was not able to identify the Citrix Netscaler version that you are currently using. Please make sure that it is fully patched and up-to-date. Notable vulnerabilities that were found in recent years include CVE-2019-19781 (A remote, unauthenticated attacker could exploit this vulnerability to perform arbitrary code execution.) and Internal IP Leakage (Your internal ip address can be decoded from the cookie value.)

Classifications #
CAPEC-224; CWE-200; ISO27001-A.18.1.3; WASC-45
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