XSS vulnerability in EnanoCms


Advisory by Netsparker (now Invicti)
Name: XSS vulnerability in EnanoCms
Software: All versions prior to and including 1.1.7 and 1.0.6 are affected.
Vendor Homepage: http://www.enanocms.org
Vulnerability Type: Cross-Site Scripting
Severity: High
Researcher: Mesut Timur
Advisory Reference: NS-11-002


EnanoCMS is a new, innovative CMS concept designed to be flexible and user-friendly. From the reliable and solid core to its beautiful, responsive user interface, Enano has everything you expect from today’s content management framework.


Enano is affected by an XSS vulnerability in all versions prior to and including 1.1.7 and 1.0.6.
You can more about Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities here: Cross-site scripting.


Upgrade to the latest EnanoCMS version (1.1.7pl1 and 1.0.6pl2 or later).


It has been discovered on testing of Invicti.


  1. Vendor URL: http://enanocms.org/News:Article/2010/06/28/Enano_1.0.6pl2_and_1.1.7pl1_released
  2. MSL Advisory Link: /XSS-vulnerability-in-EnanoCms/
  3. Invicti Advisories: /web-applications-advisories/

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