Security Advisory: Multiple Cross-site Scripting Vulnerabilities in Labwiki


Advisory by Netsparker (now Invicti)
Name: XSS Vulnerabilities in LabWiki
Software: LabWiki 1.5 and possibly below.
Vendor Homepage:
Vulnerability Type: Cross-Site Scripting
Severity: Critical
Researcher: Canberk Bolat
Advisory Reference: NS-12-008


This wiki is powered by Qwiki Wiki, a minimalist PHP wiki engine originally developed by David Barrett, that uses plain text files to store data. The ‘engine’ is used to edit the data as well as to format it and present it as a web page. Significant modifications were done to the codes of this wiki for bugs and enhancements (XHTML compliance, UTF-8 encoding, backup maintenance, page deletion, etc.) by Santosh Patnaik (SP) who also largely seeded the wiki with new and old (non-wiki) documents.


LabWiki is affected by XSS vulnerabilities in version 1.5. Example PoC urls are as follows:'"--></style></script><script>alert(0x00039E)</script>&nothing=nothing'"--></style></script><script>alert(0x0001C7)</script>

Learn more about Cross-Site Scripting here:


No patch released.

Advisory Timeline

15/11/2011 – First contact: No response
01/01/2012 – Second contact: No response
22/08/2012 – Advisory Released


It has been discovered on testing of Invicti Web Application Security Scanner.


  1. MSL Advisory Link: /xss-vulnerabilities-in-labwiki/
  2. Invicti Advisories: /web-applications-advisories/

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