Invicti Enterprise On-Demand 28 Apr 2022

This update includes changes to the internal scan agent. The internal scan agent’s current version is 



  • Updated embedded chromium browser
  • Added integration failed status for the Secrets and Encryption Management services.
  • [Internal scan agent] Updated the scan agent update workflow. When there is a new update and users have more than one scan agent, the new version will be downloaded only once. Other scan agents will rely on this new package to update themselves.
  • Added a drop-down to determine how many results are to be displayed on a page. The options are 20/50/100/200.
  • Added a new explanation for the api/1.0/scans/unschedule endpoint to clear any ambiguity
  • Added a filter that checks the number of issues being displayed on the global dashboard.
  • Updated the scan profile to include the verified form authentication.
  • Improved the IP filtering on the discovered websites’ page.


  • Fixed a bug that caused a broken website-scan relationship as a result of the inconsistent update.
  • Fixed the inconsistent vulnerabilities listed in XML and CVS reports.
  • Added the OnlySsoLogin parameter for SCIM so that users can determine if they want members to log in with SSO or not.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the issues’ status to stay the same in the case of bulk editing.
  • Fixed the SCIM API schema that showed incorrect responses for the group.
  • Fixed a bug on the user interface that showed incorrect scan status.
  • Fixed an issue with global servers in imported Swagger files.
  • Fixed a bug that add duplicated users to a team when added using SCIM.
  • Fixed the Azure board integration webhook issue caused by the status codes.


  • Removed the agent platform selection option for the internal agents from the user interface.