Invicti Enterprise On-Premises 06 Mar 2018



  • Improved XML and date samples displayed in API documentation.
  • Improved input validation in the reporting page.
  • Improved on-premises installation document for customers using load balancer.
  • Renamed FogBugz integration to Manuscript.
  • Improved validation of custom cookies.
  • New scans launched outside scan window will be automatically queued
  • Increased character limit for website name.
  • Added more details to scanner agent’s startup log.
  • Improved installation error message of internal scanner agent.
  • Improved vulnerability request/response data page performance.
  • Improved the navigation of issues and scans. 
  • Improved validation of custom 404 settings in the Scan Policy.
  • Added a “Copy to Clipboard” button for cURL samples in API documentation.
  • Improved API documentation to show request details.
  • Changed date/time format from 24-hour clock to 12-hour clock.


  • Fixed HTTP response data that was not displayed correctly for stored XSS vulnerability.
  • Fixed the Github integration which ws not working due to TLS 1.2 connectivity problem.
  • Fixed an issue where loading icon does not rendering correctly in IE11.
  • Fixed a font size problem in the PCI DSS reports.
  • Fixed the info messages that were not fitting in the screen on small resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue in which scan profiles could be created with same name.
  • Fixed a bug with website verification emails which were not being sent.
  • Fixed a bug with vulnerability counts in HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance reports.