May 2016 Netsparker Desktop Update

In this Netsparker Desktop update for May 2016 we introduced a new feature that allows you to export the scanner’s findings as ModSecurity web application firewall rules. We also improved and added some new web security checks.

The highlight of this month's update of Netsparker Desktop web application security scanner is the new functionality that allows you to export the web security scanner findings as rules for ModSecurity web application firewall. By exporting the scanner's findings as WAF rules you can at least cover up the vulnerabilities until they are fixed. We also added several new checks such as the detection of SQLite database files, PST files and SVN files, and also improved several other security checks and functionality in the scanner. Last but not least in this release we also included a few bug fixes, which of course make every new version of Netsparker Desktop more robust than the one before it. For a more detailed list of what is new, improved and fixed in Netsparker Desktop please refer to the version changelog.