August 2021 update for Invicti Enterprise On-Premises 2.1

This blog post announces the August 2021 update for Invicti Enterprise On-Premises, highlighting multiple teams and granular permissions, SCIM 2.0 support, Jazz Team Server integration, and build failing for confirmed vulnerabilities in Azure Pipelines and GitLab CI/CD.

August 2021 update for Invicti Enterprise On-Premises 2.1
We’re delighted to announce the release of Netsparker Enterprise On-Premises 2.1. The highlights of this release are the multiple teams and granular permissions feature, support for SCIM 2.0 identity management, Jazz Team Server integration, and the ability to fail builds in Azure Pipelines and GitLab CI/CD. We have also added new security checks, improvements, and fixes.

Multiple teams and granular permissions

Netsparker has rebuilt its teams and permissions feature. You can now manage your teams better with granular permissions and role-based access control. You can create as many teams as you need in Netsparker Enterprise and assign fine-grained roles to teams and team members to match your internal organization and workflows. The new role-based scheme provides the following features:
  • You can group members in any way you want and assign roles built from granular permissions.
  • Members of a team inherit its permissions, in addition to any direct permissions assigned per member.
  • Each member can belong to multiple teams.
  • You can create custom roles from over 80 detailed permissions and assign them to members and teams.
  • You can edit and delete roles and teams at any time.
For further information, see How Netsparker helps manage teams and permissions.
With this feature, some API endpoints have become deprecated. See the changelog for details.

SCIM 2.0 support

Netsparker Enterprise has also added support for the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) 2.0 standard. Thanks to this standard, you can automate user identity lifecycle management. If you make any changes to user roles or groups via identity providers such as Azure or Okta, this will automatically be reflected in your Netsparker Enterprise members. There is no need to manually apply such changes in Netsparker Enterprise. For further information, see our documentation on setting up SCIM for Azure and Okta.

Jazz Team Server integration

Netsparker Enterprise now provides integration with Jazz Team Server. A part of IBM Application Lifecycle Management, Jazz Team Server is an issue-tracking system to maintain transparency and traceability across the entire development team. For further information, see Integrating Netsparker Enterprise with Jazz Team Server.

Failing builds in Azure Pipelines and GitLab CI/CD

Netsparker now supports the build fail feature for Azure Pipelines and GitLab CI/CD. With this feature, if Netsparker identifies vulnerabilities in your build, you can now fail the build in Azure Pipelines and GitLab CI/CD based on configurable vulnerability parameters. For example, you can set up your integration to fail builds when confirmed vulnerabilities with a medium or higher severity are found. For more information, see our documentation for Azure Pipelines and GitLab CI/CD integrations.

Further Information

For a complete list of what is new, improved, and fixed in this update, refer to the Netsparker Enterprise Changelog.