December 2018 Update for Netsparker Standard

This blog post announces the new features and improvements in the latest Netsparker Standard release of December 2018. Highlights include: a rewritten sitemap and issues panel, a new family vulnerabilities feature, added support for 64-bit smart card drivers and Swagger 3.0 Importer, and several send to integration additions.

We're delighted to announce a Netsparker Standard release. The highlights of this release are: a rewritten Sitemap and Issues panes; a new Family Vulnerabilities feature; added support for 64-bit smart card drivers and Swagger 3.0 Importer; and several, new Send To integrations, including GitLab, Bitbucket, Unfuddle and Zapier.

This announcement highlights what is new and improved in this latest update.

Rewritten Sitemap and Issues Panes

We have rewritten the Sitemap and Issues trees, which improves the performance and adds features like filtering, grouping, sorting and searching. This new Sitemap will enhance the user experience and enable greater productivity for Netsparker users.

Rewritten Sitemap and Issues Panes

For further information, see Viewing the Scan Summary Dashboard in Netsparker Standard.

Vulnerability Families

We have added a Vulnerability Families feature, where similar types of vulnerabilities are no longer reported separately. This addresses the issue of multiple reports for some single vulnerabilities. Netsparker will now report a single instance of vulnerabilities detected from the same family.

64-bit Smart Card Driver Support

We have added support for 64-bit smart card drivers for authentication. This is an improvement on our initial 32-bit support.

Send to Integration Additions

We have added Send To implementation which allows users to send the vulnerability details to:

  • GitLab
  • Bitbucket
  • Unfuddle
  • Zapier

Integration Additions

Netsparker Enterprise will also have the same integration.

For further information, see Creating a New Send To Action in Netsparker Standard.

Swagger 3.0 Importer

We have added support for Swagger 3 / OpenAPI link import. This is the new version of Swagger API documentation used for Web Services.

Further Information

For a complete list of what is new, improved and fixed in this update, refer to the Netsparker Standard and Netsparker Enterprise changelogs.