Netsparker Announces New JIRA Issue Synchronization Feature

Netsparker announces a new feature for Netsparker Enterprise that provides integration for resolving and reactivating JIRA issues according to scan result, in addition to automatic issue creation. Netsparker Enterprise achieves this new support for further issue synchronization by webhook support, which detects status changes in your JIRA issues.

Netsparker is pleased to announce a new integration feature for the Netsparker Enterprise product. You can now detect any status changes in your FogBugz issues in Netsparker Enterprise and vice versa.

What is JIRA Issue Synchronization?

Netsparker Enterprise already supports out of the box integration with JIRA, as well as with other issue tracking systems. This means that you can now resolve and reopen JIRA issues according to the scan results, in addition to automatic issue creation, and detect any status changes in JIRA issues opened by Netsparker Enterprise.

How JIRA Issue Synchronization Works

When Netsparker Enterprise issues are marked as Fixed, their counterparts in JIRA are automatically marked with the Resolved user provided status. Likewise, when Netsparker Enterprise issues are revived, their counterparts in JIRA are marked with the Reopened user provided status.

Netsparker Enterprise generates a Webhook URL after you save your integration settings. When you register this link as a webhook in your JIRA Project, Netsparker Enterprise will be able to detect changes in your JIRA issues and compare them with the user-provided Reopen and Resolved statuses.

For further information, see JIRA Issue Synchronization and Integrating Netsparker Enterprise with an Issue Tracking System.